hey pretty mama: brunch style

I'm always thrilled to get some pictures of Claire & I that aren't selfies!  It's rare any more for the two of us to get very dressed up, but this past Saturday we were invited to brunch at the last minute, the sun was shining bright, and I happened to have a new dress.  So off we went! We headed to an old favorite place of ours - Rooster - where they have fabulous vegan options and a delicious brunch cocktails. 

(A note on nursing: I didn't actually breastfeed Claire in this dress however; despite its fitted nature I could have.  It has an easy to reach zipper and tugged down just a tiny bit I could pull it down enough in front to nurse.)  It's from J.Crew factory and my mom bought it for me!  I can't find it on their website anymore but I believe it is still in stores.  Claire's sweet floral dress is from Old Navy. 

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