hey pretty mama: date night style

Last week things were CRAZY.  Teething baby!  Restructuring childcare!  A bevy of other things!  Admittedly, life has just been crazy like that a lot lately, enough that Darrell & I hadn't had a date night in as long as I could remember.  That needed remedied in a major way, so when he asked if I wanted to get a sitter and go to dinner Saturday night I was immediately excited (and immediately started outfit planning in my head to accomodate something new and decidedly not baby friendly.)  We may have been home by 11, but vegan sushi, conversation, and some yummy wine made for the perfect date and reminded us that we really need to make it happen more often.  

Also needs to happen more often?  Outfit photos, preferably when it isn't raining and almost dark out.  Still, you can see how cute this romper is, and it was NINE DOLLARS.  From one of those funky "ordered from China" websites that takes a month to deliver, but frankly the quality is pretty even with a "Show me Your MuMu" romper or something comparable from Nasty Gal Vintage, so I'm allllll about it.  CNDirect may just be a fashion gold mine. 

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