hey pretty mama:nursing style/a romper!

romper, shoes, and necklace all forever 21.  sunglasses - ray ban

On the list of things I was searching for in a nursing wardrobe, an easy one piece was definitely on my list.  It sounds impossible - they aren't EASY to wear, nursing friendly or not - but hear me out!  

 Rompers have the benefit of being very "play on the floor" friendly.  There's no risk of overexposure.  Because they have to be pulled on over the hips, they tend to be cut bloused in the top half, making them easy to pull down a little bit for nursing.  This one hides all baby snot (I'm a human Kleenex in Claire's mind) or other stains of the day; as proof, just know that I wore this from 7 am and we took these pictures at around 6 pm.  This one went out of stock after I linked to it on Facebook last week, but they still have the listing up which leads me to believe it will be restocked!  Fingers crossed, because I wouldn't mind having it in that dusty rose as well.  

The one downside to the romper as a mom-iform?  Uh, the bathroom situation.  Claire tends to fall asleep while I'm wearing her, and while normally that's no problem, I really had no good way to pee when she did.  It wasn't the end of the world - she normally naps for about an hour and obviously I didn't need to go the entire time but hey - just thought I'd share in case anyone else also didn't think of that and found themselves in a similar conundrum!! TMI?  Oh, well.  

And just as a "proof that it works!"  

Boom!  Nursing baby, and I'm still fully clothed.  

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