the weekender

Happy Tuesday!  I mean, how else am I supposed to begin this post?  This is just a giant collection of photos I took this week that apparently I believe need shared with the world.  Starting with this one because, well, that smile!  She is her dad's biggest fan.  We switched up Darrell's schedule this week so that he'd be home in the mornings to help with Claire a little more.  It made all the difference in the world for me!  

My usual sitter had a conference this week, so I had Claire during a lot of working hours. To get around this, I went to a coffee shop locally that has a giant playroom - there are always tons of moms and babies there and I can hook up to their wifi while I work!  They also have tons of events: sing a longs and story time, etc.  Claire made a habit of climbing into other mom's laps because well, apparently she's never met a stranger.  

She also decided that she suddenly needed to be on top of the table and scared me half to death.  She can't even walk, but she's really good at scaling furniture.  

We also got fancy with our wrapping this week (basically I just strapped Claire to my body every minute we were home in order to accomplish things.  Sorry kid.)  

Um.  I just thought this picture was cute.  

Now for some very frivolous things....

Eyebrows are such a *thing* right now and I was told that to get the good eyebrows you MUST go to the Benefit brow bar.  I did that but....can't say I'm terribly sure that I think I couldn't have done this at home with tweezers?  Am I crazy?  

This is what a vegan fridge looks like - very impressive and healthy in comparison to the previously NOT vegan fridge usually filled with yogurts, cheese sticks, and leftover pizza.  Although our fridge right now has leftover vegan pizza in it so I suppose some things will never change!  

Even thought it wasn't her FIRST time outside, obviously, Claire had her first time outside being really aware of it last week.  It was super warm, and we laid out a blanket which is good because this child is TERRIFIED of grass!!! I have a video of her touching it for the first time and she lets out the most horrified scream.  I thought for sure something had bitten her but no, just hates the grass - she sat in the middle of the blanket on my lap for the next hour just waving to birds and staying far far away from any actual nature.  

One thing Claire IS good at is on the go city life - we bar hopped a bit on Saturday during the day to watch some soccer and baseball, and she was up for every pit stop, every nap was peacefully had in the sling.  

Then sometimes you just gotta stop to nurse on the sidewalk, cause you know.  

And SOMETIMES you do absolutely INSANE things like drive to three Targets to get all the Lilly Pulitzer items you want.  So when your accompanying baby falls asleep in the carseat after being a complete angel for that, you let her finish the nap by sitting with her for an hour and watching Hulu on your phone.  Prepare for lots of outfit posts with us in matching neon shift dresses!  

And that's all there is folks! I declare this the winner of most random post ever!  

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