bring back bonnets: briar handmade

In case you hadn't noticed, we are pretty big bonnet fans around here!  Claire's a baby who has been blessed with lots of hair, but it certainly has grown in oddly.  Headbands are an absolute no-go, mostly serving only as a toy she can quickly rip off or to make her bangs stick straight up!  I have a drawer of them just sitting, while our bonnets, well....let's just say I don't think we can ever have enough!  

These pretty ones are by one of my very favorite companies, Briar Handmade.  They make beautiful bonnets for children in natural fibers, all constructed in the US.  For little heads this summer, they are the absolute best way to keep the sun away!  Who has a baby that will keep on any other kind of hat?  Not I!  Claire will quickly rip off a bucket hat or fedora, but the tie on these bonnets is baby-proof.  

They are lovely and light, never making Claire too hot or uncomfortable.  We're practically chased down by moms wanting to know where to buy when I take her out in these, because frankly cute baby hats are nearly impossible to find. Old Navy and Gap come out with one or two hats each summer, both mediocre looking at best in my opinion and always quickly sold out.  Switch it up this summer, and bring back bonnets!  They're releasing brimmed bonnets this summer which I am SO excited about, because who can keep sunglasses on a baby?  Not I!  They also make beautifully warm and even sherpa lined bonnets for winter - this is one of my favorite photos of Claire with her red velvet Christmas bonnet (and swoon, 6 month old tiny Claire, be still my heart!)  

You can find Briar Handmade's website here (they restock frequently but sell out fast!) so I also suggest following them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.  

The cream linen bonnet Claire is wearing in the top photo was given to us, but rest assured that all opinions here are my own - I personally bought the watercolor and velvet pom bonnets for her previously, and will continue to buy them for her as long as they fit!  

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