claire at 11 months

I figured for this post, we'd start with some real-ness, because this picture.  This picture IS Claire at 11 months.  Into everything, even more so if it's something she isn't supposed to have.  It's not that she wants the laptop, it's that I won't let her have the laptop.  She doesn't want my sunglasses, she wants the sunglasses she can't have - I swear to you, if I handed her some cheap fakes they'd no longer interest her.  She can tell exactly what I'm keeping away from her and allowing her to have, and there is no tricking her.  I spend a lot of my time these days saying the word no - which she is not fond of.  She doesn't break into tears when told no, rather she becomes more determined to acquire that which I'm keeping out of her grasp.  This is a quality I'm sure will serve her well in her life as a woman, but perhaps will not serve me very well when she's a teenager (please say a prayer for us.)  

She is snugglier than ever, still preferring to be worn for most naps - naps which I can tell are quickly shifting from 2 to 1, although when she's tired she is TIRED.  Crashes hard if she doesn't get enough sleep, sometimes taking one very long later afternoon nap if we don't work hard enough to make the first one happen.  The one thing that can always knock her out is a car trip, and if we have the time I'm now known to always bring my laptop and a car phone charger so that I can work from my vehicle.  I prefer to let her sleep out the rest of the nap and just wait than wake her up and risk a terrifying afternoon.  

She goes to bed by 8 pm most nights, still waking up at around 3 am or sometimes 1 and 5 am to nurse.  I would say I mind, but I really don't.  Sometimes I miss her by then, and I love how she rolls over milk drunk and sleepy, waiting for one of us to pick her up and pop her back into the crib.  

Claire's favorite thing right now is reading - books have become toys, and she'll gladly sit quietly and still while you read her favorite book two, three, four times even.  "The Going to Bed Book," "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom," and "Sophie's Busy Day," are easily her favorites. 

We both adore being outside - she's content to sit and play on a park blanket for a couple of hours - and will almost always fall asleep in the stroller on the way home.  She is practically walking, with ten steps being the record as I type this.  I feel as though full on walking everywhere is coming by the weekend, so we'll see!  Sometimes if she wants to get somewhere very quickly, she prefers to crawl.  She waves hello, gives kisses & high fives, says hi, mama, and dad but no other words yet!  Just lots of babbling.  She nurses like a newborn, but starts daycare in about a month so that may be changing soon.  

Claire is a still a petite baby, hovering around the 30th percentile for weight and height despite her appetite!  She eats anything and everything, with the strangest tastes for a baby I've ever heard of.  Favorites range from curry and sriracha to chocolate graham crackers and olives.  She isn't terribly fond of avocado or green beans, and broccoli is pretty far down on her list.  She's still a vegan baby, and you couldn't tear a veggie chicken tender or veggie burger out of her hands if you wanted to.  

Mostly, Claire at 11 months is a total joy 50% of the time, and a complete challenge the rest of the time!  She is becoming her own little person, and what I have gathered so far is that her highs are high and her lows are low!  She is joyous and stubborn, snuggly and independent.  She has made every minute of our lives happier than they have ever been, and every time I say her age is my favorite, I love the next age even more.  

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