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I know, it's weird that my header photo for a "Friday!" post would be of my office but truth be told, I'm feeling really inspired by work lately. Heading into the time of year where the sun shines brighter and colors pop more, I always find myself in a good headspace and the increased temps make my energy pop - even when my tiny human is still waking up once or twice a night.  It's supposed to be GORGEOUS this weekend and I'm looking forward to some margaritas at Cinco de Mayo and otherwise just lots and lots of time with my little family.  I'm sure we'll get to the park & farmer's market once or twice, and maybe even warm Claire up to the idea of grass (which she has an odd fear of...any other kids like that out there?)  

If you aren't already, follow along on Instagram for impromptu outfit shots and giggly baby videos.  

Here are my favorite links from this week, and enjoy your weekend!  

I've been on a serious bright lipstick kick lately - this is pretty much my new motto.  I'd like to amend it to include "and starbucks."  

This made me lol so hard: Reasons Your Millennial May be Crying.  

Office emails in real life make you realize how awful we all sound!  But still, hilarious.  

Hilary Clinton's message to America, via The Onion. 

I've been coveting these Tory Burch wedges all spring, but at $300+ they're out of my price range.  When I stumbled upon these look-a-likes (for $20!!) I was easily convinced.  Buy them in every color.  

Embarrassing phrases even the smartest people use incorrectly ("for all intensive purposes" users make me CRINGE.) 

Okay, apparently all my links this week are jokes but these "yelp reviews" of newborn babies are too too funny.  

Lilly for Target reinspired my love for ALL things Lilly, and now I think I need this dress for summer.  Plus matching baby shift for Claire, duh.  

"Things my male colleagues have actually said to me." 

Why people never smile in old photos. 

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