Love List

Recently, I got my hands on one of the very sought after "Day Designer" planners.  You actually have to "score" at a stocking to get your hands on one!  I'd had one before and loved it, but had been relying on my iCal lately.  Unfortunately, one of the flaws of iCal is the lack of a convenient to-do feature, and my days sometimes revolve more around to-dos than actual schedule (times, places to be, etc) so I decided to switch back to a paper planner.  It's the best thing I've done in a while!  There's something so satisfying about writing it down, checking it off!  

The Day Designer has a pretty rad feature in the beginning where you set goals for the coming year - even if you're starting in May, not January - and one of my goals was to be more grateful.  Easier said than done, real gratitude and focus on that feeling can be kept track of better by writing it down, so I've decided to bump any coming Weekender posts to Tuesday in favor of making Mondays "love list" days!  

Just a little time on what can sometimes be the hardest day of the week to focus on the things making life great lately.  

Also, can I just say that man is it easy to feel grateful at the start of may when the sun is shining and it's 80 degrees all weekend.  

First up!  

This song.  I suggest you play it while reading the post!  

This face - may we all get to be as happy sometime today as this baby is when you give her bread. 

These moments, that force me to slow down amidst a crazy day and just enjoy her.  

Frappuccino happy hour!  I mean, it's  basically an excuse to break up the afternoon with a caffeinated milkshake.  

Lilly x Target making it possible to match my baby girl.  I figure I only have a few years of this, and I may as well max it out while I can.  I have no idea why it makes me so happy, but I just love it.  #twinsies

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