the ultimate weekender/hangout festival

Let's just get started with the cute stuff, okay?  Sandy baby toes!!! Oh my gosh, we had so much fun at the beach this week I can't even tell you.  I can't say that Claire LOVED the sand and sea, but she did love spending all weekend with her favorite people.  Such a cheerful kiddo she was, the entire weekend, and only one or two car meltdowns during our 12 hour drive.  All in all, the kid was a champ.  

The beach in front of our condo was beautiful, all white and sandy and clean, with cushy chairs you could rent and someone would re-adjust your umbrella to keep you out of the sun.  That's heaven with a baby, and she didn't get even the slightest sunburn the entire weekend thanks to those people!  

 This balcony though, it was terrifying!  The bars on that railing were just far enough apart to really terrify me, so we were pretty much only out there to take a quick picture every once in a while and then straight back inside! 

 When on family vacation, you max out on the family photos.  

 The only place you can successfully pull off these $4 Forever 21 shades?  A music festival.  

Darrell & I did spend a fair amount of time inside the festival just the two of us, seeing a couple daytime shows when it was very hot and bright out while Claire stayed at the condo with my parents, safely shaded.  Sylvan Esso was definitely a highlight of the Hangout, as were Father John Misty, Lake Street Dive, My Morning Jacket, the Foo Fighters, and Zac Brown Band. 

This kid just did not dig the sand too much - she kept crawling into my lap and hanging on for deal life every time I sat her down in it.  

She also did not dig the family selfies too much, preferring to mostly munch on the fair food we had for dinner every night.  Here, hashbrowns > photos.  

 The venue really couldn't be beat though.  This was the view at almost every single concert, with folks making little couches out of the sand piles and relaxing with a beer.  There was a consistent breeze, which is a huge blessing at any music festival. 

 All in all, it was pretty much a heavenly weekend, we had so much fun and I see more Hangout festivals in our future for sure. 

Sorry for the super short photo recap, but as you can imagine with being out of work for three days I'm pretty behind, and when you throw in the holiday weekend coming up I basically have no time for typing! 

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