the weekender/cinco de mayo

We hit up Cinco de Mayo on Saturday down at Cherokee street!  We'd never been before, but with my friend Jess now living down there it was just TOO convenient to skip it!  It's basically just an excuse to be outside and drink margaritas.....which is one of my favorite activites, so huzzah!  

Jess loves to wear Claire, which I find endearing and adorable.  In Claire's book, if you wear her you're pretty much the best.  

This baby ate her weight in churros!  I couldn't even get her to nurse for a couple hours (she NEVER refuses to nurse) but I can't say I was surprised because seriously, SO many churros. 

I wish I had taken more photos of Jess' apartment, because it's so beautiful, with old south city architecture and detailing.  

We had to hit up the park too - highs in the 80s!  woot woot! - and although this girl adores being outside, she isn't a huge fan of grass.  Convenient because she won't leave the blanket, but a little sad because I want her to explore!  She'll warm up to it over the summer I think, she was reaching out her little fingers to give a quick pat to some leaves just as we were about to leave.  

That's all I've got!  I'm typing this up on a crazy busy Sunday afternoon, and I have a baby to put down for a nap.  Hope you all had a fantastic weekend as well!  

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