claire at one year, and other random things

In case you are wondering if birthdays really are magical, here is a picture of Claire on her first birthday having been serendipitously served yogurt for breakfast at daycare.  

 (photo courtesy of Miss Shannon) 

Yogurt is easily her favorite food, possibly followed by ice cream, which she got that afternoon: 

and THAT was on the way to the splash pad!  We do birthdays right here, let me tell you.  Other than celebrating Claire turning one (potentially to excess) we've done lots of  other things like outdoor concerts!  Which happen every week at the botanical gardens, within walking distance from our apartment! 

Saltwaters & Mexican blankets, that's how you can tell it's summer.  Claire wasn't super cheerful at this week's show because shots, but apparently there's nothing a snack cup full of Cheerios can't fix.  

Speaking of Claire - aren't we always - she is very into being "helpful" right now - 

helping to comb her hair...

water the flowers...

 put away laundry...

 and picking up after herself, because #responsiblebaby.  Actually it has reached a random level of annoyance because after seeing us put her diapers in the pail she now thinks ALL her diapers need to go in the pail - even clean ones - and since I've locked the pail she just slams the lid onto a diaper over and over,  it's only a matter of time until she breaks it.  

Aside from the super lame outfit in this selfie (which I wore to the splash pad) notice my industrial strength phone case?  Claire graciously decided to give my iPhone a glass of wine to drink at the last outdoor concert, and since it wasn't the first (OR SECOND) iPhone she's managed to destroy, I decided it was time to suit the newest guy up.  Life cases forever, even if they do cost nearly as much as the phone!! 

What else what else...

 Brunch with my people at Rooster (again) where we took more selfies and Claire ate Cheerios even after being offered an incredibly yummy egg and cheese crepe ordered just for her. 

 Peonies are at Trader Joe's - get them while you can!  $6.99 for a bunch of pure happiness. 

Have a lovely week, everybody! 

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