claire's birthday fiesta

 Today I'd love to share a couple of photos from Claire's first birthday party!  We actually had a pretty big gathering of about 30 people.  I decided on a fiesta theme, and we had tacos, margaritas, and of course lots of cake.  

I ordered a pretty flower crown from one of my favorite florists in St. Louis, Flowers to the People, but of course it only stayed on about as long as she was distracted by the cake!  

Claire showed off her walking skills for all her guests!  

We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful backyard to use for parties.  It really doesn't require much decorating at all, the flowers do all the work for us! 

Claire's room is seriously crammed with toys now!  She got everything from a tricycle to a rocking horse (which used to be her dad's, saved all this time by her grandparents) to a children's grand piano!  She is totally loving it, and we are loving how entertained she is! 

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