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I always like to open with a cute baby picture for these posts, because why not?  I'm emptying out my iPhone, and that's mostly what's on there...

My closet y'all, it has been undergoing a revolution.  I've stayed at my current size for a couple of months now and guess what?  NONE of my old clothes fit.  They were all too big and although that's a nice problem to have, it can be a real pain when you're trying to actually you know, wear clothes.  So I sold a TON of stuff on eBay (I'm talking like 50% of my closet, and I still have several up if you want to go check them out ) and I've been slowly but surely replacing some things.  I shop a lot on eBay after selling there, which can be a gamble on fit because obviously you can't just send things back, but I stick to brands I know and love and if necessary, tailor them.  I had to bring this dress home from the Pink Magnolia last week because it was just too perfect, and how cute are their dressing rooms?   

I will never have enough photos of Claire and I, because getting one where we are both smiling is next to impossible. This was the best I could do, and of course it's all kinds of blurry. 

Photos of Claire smiling though, and simultaneously getting into trouble, are not something I am short on.  

Mark my words, she will learn to climb this gate in the next year.  

I went out for the most decadent and AMAZING brunch at Cafe Osage this past weekend and I just though you might want to drool over these food photos.   Also, where can I find little herb boxes like that?

Don't worry Shaw, Claire has got the neighborhood on watch.  This is her favorite perch lately and I basically think it's the cutest thing ever.  She likes to wave at everyone who walks by. 

That's all folks, you are welcome for that randomness!  I'm too busy putting together details for this girl's first birthday party Saturday! 

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