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Monday is a little extra hard today guys!  So sorry for the radio silence over here, we've been so busy that truthfully, I haven't had time to focus on blogging.  I'm doing what you're supposed to do in the summer time, which is max out on all the fun that you can, but it's meant some things have had to take a backseat, in the best of ways!  Today I'm just going to share a bit of what we've been up to lately...

 These pictures pretty much sum up Miss Claire as of late - always on the run, too busy for posing to photos!  We wore matching outfits to a baby shower last weekend for one of my closest friends who lives much too far away!  

PS - Shop our matching outfits here and here.  

Luckily she's so happy these days that it's not too hard to catch a smile on film.  

 This past weekend we dropped Claire at my parent's for the night to go out with some friends visiting from Chicago!  Darrell's college roommate Jeff and his wife Taylor are the best, and we basically would like to steal them from Chicagoland.  Don't you like St. Louis guys??? Please move here! 

(plus, Taylor is the prettiest) 

Of course, the best part of any weekend is spending a Sunday at home with Claire.  Especially when she does cute things like "nap" with Gatsby and look oh-so-grown-up "reading" her books.   I couldn't love her much more.  On to 4th of July weekend, at the lake of course! 

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