forecastle festival!

 Take me back!  

That's what I'm thinking, just a little.   However, being away from Claire for three days is a LONG TIME so mostly by the end of our weekend at Forecastle I was thinking "take me back to Claire!"  

She had a fantastic time staying with my in-laws and Darrell's brother and girlfriend (soon to be sister in law!) who graciously provided us with adorable photos of Claire hanging out on their farm.   

WE had a fantastic time dancing to My Morning Jacket, Modest Mouse, Sam Smith, and Portugal The Man, to name a few.  Oh, and staying in possibly the most adorable AirBNB house on the planet.  And now, cue the photo reel: 

This was the living room of our house, something straight out of a Restoration Hardware catalog and the rest of the house wasn't much different!  I was half tempted to link to the owner's listing but honestly....I want to stay there next year.  No stealing it from us!  

 I realize this may seem like an odd place for a feather boa, but festivals are gigantic and it can be realllllly hard to find your crew after something as simple as a solo trip to grab a beer and fill up on water, so a random flying object can be amazingly helpful!  People get pretty creative with these things...

It was a small but really pretty area for a festival, complete with the river running right down the middle!  Annoyingly, there were tons of guards around this area that wouldn't let you actually get in, just dangle your feet (although that didn't keep people from doing it on day three, but temps climbed over 100 degrees.)  

Now I know you're all here to see what Claire did all weekend so, don't worry, I got you!  

 She obviously had a terrible time and missed us so much (hah!) Okay she WAS glad to see us when we got there but we honestly wondered if she missed us at all, she looked so happy in our photo updates.  And that baby bathrobe?  We may or may not have passed around our phones to half the people at the festival to show them that picture.  

To be continued at Lollapalooza in a week.....

And like what is this life of 50689 festivals this summer?  What parents do this?   

(who even are we!?!?!?)

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