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 This summer we have lots of plans, but this weekend, for two glorious days we did not!  Which worked out well, because our teething baby needs lots of attention, and it was good to just enjoy a sunny weekend as a threesome.  We woke up early Saturday (I mean, we wake up early every day because BABY) but didn't much mind since we had plans to hit up the farmers market for dinner ingredients and most importantly, coffee.   I put Claire up in the pretty Kindred wrap I'm testing out, which we both loved. 

Last year right after Claire was born we went to the market pretty much every weekend.  We needed to get out of the house a little each day, but not TOO far our of the house.  The park was always the perfect destination for a sleepy newborn, a postpartum mom, and a dad learning the ropes. 

We used to see the kids at the splash pad and think about how much fun it would be when Claire was old enough to run around in it.  How cute they were, and how much we'd love sharing breakfast on the steps of the pool pavilion and drinking coffee while we watched her.  Those conversations were so vivid in my mind as we tore up our food truck crepes and sipped on iced coffee.  Afterwards I let Claire out of her stroller and she made a beeline for the water. 

It didn't take us long to ditch the dress, it was pretty much in her way.  At 9 am the temperature was perfect, and it wasn't too hot or sunny yet. 

She was so brave!  Easily the youngest kid there by probably about 6 months and she was practically leaping into the sprays.   There were a few careless big kids that almost knocked her down, but Darrell grabbed my forearm every time as if to say "she's fine, let her figure it out."  And of course being the independent kiddo she is, I had no reason to worry. 

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