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So I have a fashion confession to make: I have a complete and total addiction to stripes.  It actually got so bad at one point that when I couldn't decide what to wear, Darrell would just say "just put on something striped like you always do."  See posts here, here, here, here (this could go on for a while) as evidence!  So this summer when I was putting together my wardrobe, I decided to completely cut stripes out of my wardrobe.  Break the rut.  No buying anything striped!  

But guys.  

I really missed them.  Looking ahead to fall, it's pretty much all that I want to buy.....and I've decided to cave to my impulses.  The Nordstrom anniversary sale had WAY too many cute pieces (many for under $20, holla) and I have already loaded my fall wardrobe with stripes in every color and width.  So obviously I had to share my finds with you, right?  

(ps - You can have that drop shoulder tee from J.Crew monogrammed. I obviously did.)  

If you haven't checked it out yet, this weekend is the last couple of days of the Nordstrom anniversary sale, and many of the pieces I picked here are only discounted thru Monday, so definitely check it out!  I spy a sweater and tee in the collage that are less than $20!

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