the best swimsuit trend ever

In "things I never though I'd do" posting post-baby photos of myself in a bikini on the internet probably topped the list, but here we are because sometimes you have to share the important stuff, right?  

So, bathing suits and I, it's always been kind of a saga.  Not because I have any terribly horrible wobbly bits I'm attempting to hide from the world, but because of my boobs.  

They've always been huge.  ALWAYS.  Lord knows they didn't get the slightest bit smaller when I got pregnant and then started nursing a baby, so my hopes for finding a swimsuit this summer were pretty low.  In one-pieces, gravity wasn't as nice to them as I wanted.  In halter tops, the knot behind my neck was downright painful.  Those had always been my go to, and many summers in a row I've dropped upwards of $100 on JUST THE TOP of a halter bikini that was adjustable in the band for my tiny ribcage, yet large enough in the cups for the girls.  Tops that fit that criteria have historically been hard to find and very expensive, without exception.  My mother and I have even joked about starting our own swimwear line because it was obviously such a problem.  

Then this year apparently designers thought to themselves "hmm, I wonder if women want to do stuff in bikinis like run, play, and dance.  Isn't the average bra size in America a C cup?  Maybe we should make swimsuits like sports bras!"  Or something of that nature, and so they did!    

The week before Memorial Day weekend I was feeling daunted at the task of finding a good swimsuit for our trip to the lake, and I found a goldmine.  I bought an unprecedented SIX swimsuits this year, all at Target.  Do I need six swimsuits in a summer?  Absolutely not, but I am seriously concerned that the trends next year won't be so good, so I stocked up.  I excitedly texted my mom photos from the dressing room, like I needed reassurance that they were really that good. For sizing reference, I got a medium in all the tops and a small in all the bottoms.  

You can shop all the suits I bought including ones not pictured here in the widget below, and I also included links to my favorite solid color bottom, the Victoria's Secret "itsy," a fun and verrrrry cheeky brazilian style bottom.

 *This post was not sponsored in any way by Target or Victoria's Secret, I was just really excited to find affordable options that fit at a great price.  

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