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I know it's only mid-August, but seeing as how the #PSL ( aka pumpkin spice latte) is already back at Starbucks  - and perhaps more importantly, how Schlafly's Pumpkin Ale is back in the beer aisle - I can't help but be excited for autumn!  I wanted to link to a few of my favorite things I'll be wearing this fall.  Hopefully you're not already sick of the Lush tunic, obviously I'm obsessed!  Those fringe booties are surprisingly comfortable for the heel height, and I've always been a huge fan of a "Black Honey" lip once the temps turn down!  Nothing is easier for getting that fall feeling than a deeper nail color, especially when it's still a little too warm for mahogany leather riding boots.  

Now that I've put together my Pinterest board for my fall fashion vision, it's time to shop!  More importantly, it's time to get paid to shop.  

Cue collective "huh, what?"  

I don't mean in that "I'm a blogger, I get paid to shop" way (I'm not that big of a deal, hah!) I mean with eBates!  

Honestly, I can't believe I haven't shared the magic of eBates on the blog before now, it's really overdue.  eBates is a shopping referral website - their stores pay them a fee when customers shop there, and eBates gives a portion of that fee back to their users.  Pretty simple!  You join by providing your email address, and after you've made a few purchases - after logging in with eBates - you get a deposit to your Paypal account, or you can choose to receive a check in the mail.  I use the eBates Cash Back plugin - linked here - and it automatically checks that any website I'm shopping at is or isn't offering a percentage of cash back if the purchase is made through eBates.

You can sign up for eBates here - it's totally free, they are basically making $$$ off of referring you to stores (that you probably would have shopped at anyways!) and you get to benefit from it as well.  The magic of the internet!

* This post isn't sponsored by eBates at all!  I just love sharing deals and discounts with readers, and it's always fun to see a little extra spending money in my Paypal account!

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