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Hello, Hi Friday!!! You are so welcome to be here.  Not that this week was very long - oh no, it practically seemed to fly by with lots of work (the good, interesting and creative kind) a concert/date night on Wednesday night, and now we're heading into a weekend of not much at all!  Celebrating a friend's birthday, running a 5K, and not much else!  Maybe some yoga?  Brunch?  I love it when my weekends are mostly unplanned like this one.  And now, my favorite things from the interwebs this week!  

A vegetarian, organic drive thru?  Sign me up!  I need as many locations as McDonald's!  Please!  
(I tend to all but starve on road trips, so this is beyond exciting to me as a prospect.)  

I was kind of anti-snapchat due to the fact that I think it's VERY confusing.  This guide makes it really simple, and hey, follow me!  @maryhayes (Okay, it's mostly clothes and baby videos.)  

More cathartic revelations about motherhood via Coffee & Crumbs - this is my favorite in a while from them.

Does anyone else use Groopdealz?  It's my favorite daily deals site - you've seen clothing items from them here (the sweatshirt!) You can sign up here - totally free - and there are some amazing deals today.  My favorites are this herringbone vest, so J.Crew for fall - also love this baseball tee, this striped top, and this plaid button down.  

I have something to admit - I'm addicted to "Bachelor in Paradise."  It's horrible, but I can't help it.  So instead, I'm hoping you all get addicted too - and hey let's talk about it on Twitter!!

I can't stop thinking about this purse in the cognac color - it looks like the ultimate hands free fall bag!

This is so funny: distance runners mostly think about how hard distance running is, according to a study.  NO KIDDING.

This podcast episode shone a very dark shadow over the city of St. Louis and our school systems.  I love my city, but we have problems that need work.  Take a listen, it's excellent.  

Distressed denim seems to be the thing for fall, and this pair straddles the line between skinny and slouchy so nicely!  Might have to go try them on this weekend....

The most adorable way to transport cocktails for a picnic! 

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