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These late summer weekends, they have a precious feel to them.  It starts to seem more urgent, those questions of "what should we do with this time?"  Should we go to the lake?  Stay at home and walk the park many times?  Farmer's Market then brunch?  A weekend away?

These do not seem like tough questions, and indeed they truly aren't, not in the scope of the word "difficult" but they do seem important - especially when you have a one year old, who will only be one once and only have one summer when she's a toddling, babbling, fascinated baby who touches grass like a foreign object and delights in the sound of splashing water.  A baby that falls asleep in the stroller on the walk home from Food Truck Friday, so that naturally you park it at an outside table to sit and enjoy and a beer and the jazz band playing at your local pub.  There are only a few mornings left where it's already toasty when you step onto the porch with your morning coffee, and you know that soon you'll pull on a sweater to enjoy the quiet time.

So my only suggestion for this weekend?  Do something you want to do with your time and do it well, because we only get a hundred or so summers each life and really, that isn't very many summers.  Okay on to my favorite links this week, end sentimental rant!

A parking ticket could ruin anyone's day, but this is an especially lovely gesture.  

Confidence needs to be earned, and other life lesson's from Mindy Kaling (worth a read, I promise!)  

I love it when things that are just concepts become part of the vocabulary of other languages ("tsundoku" is something I have a problematic habit of.)  

Claire goes to a Montessori school, and I feel more grateful for the education she's receiving there all the time.  This, about their approach to sharing, makes so much sense.  

If "mom sayings" were made into motivational posters (made me laugh.)  

These rain boots are SO GORGEOUS and on a crazy good sale.  I kind of think I need them.  

I'm a sucker for Anthropologie's coffee mugs (the best, heaviest, longest lasting I swear!)  This one is next on my list.  

It's extremely far out of my budget, but this dress would be lovely for winter weddings.  

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