stitch fix #4

I just have to say, I love when this little box comes in the mail. Trying on clothes at home feels like such a luxury.  It reminds me of something my mom did when I was a kid - see, I live in a bigger city now, but I grew up in a small town in southern Illinois.  My mom was (and still is!) close friends with a boutique owner in Mt. Vernon, and I remember when she used to bring things home from the store "on approval" to try.  Sometimes to see if my dad liked them, sometimes just because we were busy and she didn't have time to spend in the dressing room at the store, but it was such a luxury to take things home and really live with them for a bit before deciding to make a purchase.  That's how Stitch Fix feels to me.  

I've had Celeste for a stylist for a few different fixes now, and she gets better every time.  This fix I specifically requested transitional clothes in basic patterns and colors, and she totally delivered.  I mean hello, how cute is this top??

So, I LOVED these black jeans/skinny pants.  They're a tencel blend - a super cool fabric that holds it's shape, is mega light, and doesn't trap heat - and they had a bit of a sheen that made them sort of "rock n roll."  They're a size 27, and although I'm weirdly in between a 26 and 27 right now they fit pretty well!  I might have the waist band taken in a tiny bit, but it would be totally worth it, and I think a size down would have been too tight in the legs.  At $78, they were priced right for the quality.  

The t-shirt I also loved.  Heart eyes for the stitching detail at the neckline!  I've already bought lots of stripes for fall, so I reluctantly sent it back.  (Darrell was totally giving me the side eye like "another striped top?")  For reference, this top is an XS.  I've found so far that the brands they carry at Stitch Fix run large, and I filled out my style profile with a size down from what I would usually wear at, for example, Madewell or J.Crew.    

This dress was alright, but not spectacular and garnered a solid "meh" from Darrell so it also went back.  I did think it was incredibly figure flattering and was this close to keeping it!  The solid "it goes back" point was made when I checked the billing sheet and realized it was $60.  I would have kept it for $40.  

This crochet yoke top was nice from this view but I should have turned to the side - it made a funny little tent over my boobs and frankly would just be better on someone with a smaller chest.  That said, I thought it was super cute and just wish it was cut a little differently!  I don't think sizing up would have made me like it more - I think this cut just isn't good for me.  This is an XS as well.  

All in all, finding awesome pants is a huge win and I think I'll get a ton of wear out of these pants over fall and winter.  Thanks for putting up with my no makeup & glasses on selfies!  My Fix is always so fun to get in the mail and I love doing these posts - I already have my next one scheduled.  You can sign up for your own Stitch Fix here and you can even request my stylist if you want!  If you're already getting them based on my previous posts I want to hear how it's going!  

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