the weekender

As I type this post up on a Sunday night I'm scolding myself a little bit for working on a Sunday - not on the blog, on my "real" job.  The thing is, I have this thing about Mondays, and making them as painless as possible.  Nothing is worse (to me) than a break from the weekend fraught with a terrifying to-do list, so I frequently take an hour or two on Sunday night when I'm supposed to be sitting and watching TV or reading with Darrell to clean up my inbox, respond to any pressing questions, and generally take down my to-dos from 20 to 10.  

I know, I shouldn't do that.  Shouldn't.  But tell me how to stop?!  Because for some reason, I get into the BEST grooves of work sometimes on Sunday evenings - admittedly, it really annoys Darrell.  

Okay, on to the fun things we did this weekend!  

We went to Food Truck Friday, and then had dinner at our local pub while Claire snoozed in the stroller!  

We taught Claire how to make bouillabaisse. 


But she does love to try to stir!  Future chef?  Time will tell.  

We watched a LOT of Sophia the First - perhaps more than I'd like to admit, but I'm a sucker because I melt when she dances to the theme song.  

We practiced eating like a grown up, because our toddler has decided she is above the high chair.  

Even if she does not yet understand the concept of unscrewing the lid before trying to take a drink.  

Don't I look cute in this picture?!  I have no idea what's happening with my hair, but I ran a 5K on Saturday (my best time ever, but sadly it was gun timed so I have no proof, boo)  Then we had the all important "I ran on a Saturday!" celebratory brunch.  In race clothes, obviously.  Actually, I both worked out and ate eggs benedict twice this weekend.  #IREGRETNOTHING

(Second workout was a class called "Aerial Yoga Fit" and more on that later - I'm planning a run of all the best fitness studios in St. Louis this month, reviews included!)  

Claire was positively angelic the entire meal, she tried everything and was altogether excellent company - not always the case when we dine out lately, it really depends on her mood.  

 That's all I've got folks - we're boring.  Basically we ran, ate, and snuggled.  What more to life is there?  

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