Fit for Fall Charity Challenge: Who's With Me?

If you follow along with my Weekender posts, you may have noticed that September has been a crazy busy month for us.  So crazy in fact, that I've been running only three times this month.  THREE!!! It's September 21st!  That's just not okay, and let me tell you my clothes are telling me it isn't as well.  

Frankly, when I get busy and have an extra packed schedule my diet and exercise routine are the first to feel the slack, and while it's easy to rely on breastfeeding to keep me in my size, it can only take me so far.  I need to reinvigorate my motivation, so when I got my Tone It Up email this weekend and saw the Fit for Fall challenge, I knew I needed to sign up.  
Tone It Up is basically an online fitness coaching website like any other plan out there - I don't advertise for them, I just like their workouts and upbeat attitude!  You could probably compare them to a Jamie Eason or Beach Body type website.  The plus side is that all of their workouts are free, and you can't beat that.  I was getting the emails just as a way to get notified any time they had a new workout video up, but not really following their plan at all.  

And okay, I know bikini season is over, but I should pretty much do whatever they say fitness wise.  Because I mean....they look like this.  

They post a weekly workout schedule every Sunday evening and it is a commitment, but somewhat easy to follow - usually a combination of 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of strength training to equal an hour of working out each day.  Here's the thing that really drew me into this challenge though: 

Charity Miles.  I honestly had no idea what this was, and I'm so glad I found out about it!  

Charity Miles is a GPS app you turn on when you run the record your miles.  For every mile you run, a sponsor donates to a charity of your choice (notable corporate sponsors include Johnson & Johnson, Humana, and the donation is roughly 25 cents per ran mile - more like 10 cents for biking.)  

It sounds small, but a LOT of people are joining the challenge as Tone It Up has a huge readership, and we could potentially donate a million dollars to charity if 40,000 people complete the 100 miles the challenge requires.  Crazy! And great motivation, am I right?  

You can sign up for the "Fit For Fall" #charitychallenge right here and this week's workout schedule is already posted here!  I'm getting started tomorrow, including a trip to the grocery store to revamp our cabinets.  Let me know if you decide to do it too!  I'll try to be accountable and post how it's going every once in a while, and I figure now that I've posted about it there's no going back!

Also, because I tend to be motivated by cute workout clothes, I linked a few of my favorites in the widget below!

*ps - I'm not sponsored by Tone It Up in any way whatsoever - I just decided to take this on and share it with you all so I'd be making a more public promise.  I'll also try to post any great recipes of theirs I try and love!

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