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Can I just say how excited I am for this weekend?? (Really excited.)  

My brother in law is continuing the Hayes family tradition and marrying his high school sweetheart and I am THRILLED for them!  They're truly a perfect pair, and I'm a total sap about weddings, probably because I've seen the magic true love can create in my own life....and like whoa, that got serious fast, huh?  

Before I start getting weepy into my coffee, here are this week's favorite links!  

This was hilarious - is Socality Barbie just a parody of us all?  

YES.  This article is kind of everything.  So well written, so important for parents of girls.  

Some musings on the luxuries of motherhood (not what you might think.)  

I'm currently on sort of an obsessive hunt for the perfect sandy suede boot, and tied between these & these.  Help me pick!  

Also unsure which of these scarves I need....or both?  These are my struggles, people.  

This was so interesting!  Little bits of psychology that can be helpful in everyday life.  

I would have love love loved for this to exist when I was in college - an app that walks you home.  

Fascinating if not a bit strange - this couple lives every detail of their life like it's still the Victorian era.  

Finally, I'm not sure I could give this advice without sounding like an asshole, but it's the best I've ever read about marriage: "The wedding toast I'll never give."  

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