the weekender

Oh man, what a weekend!  First of all, let me start by saying that obviously this weekend was fabulous, because I got a new sister-in-law and my baby looked THIS CUTE.  But let's back it up a little bit!  (more photos of our weekend after the break, because I had trouble narrowing it down and there are a LOT.)  

Last week our air conditioning broke, during a September heat wave in the nineties.  I know you can imagine how much fun that was!! We were informed by our land lady that we needed to move a giant bookshelf we had had for years in order to let more airflow in, and THAT sort of snowballed into me needing to rearrange and redo the entire room.  Suddenly nothing worked, and now Claire's teepee is in our living room (not shown, haha) and I got this cute new rug I'm obsessed with!  So I just had to share, because it was a total steal and it is SO soft and plushy.  We also got a slightly smaller ottoman that leaves Claire more room to play on the soft carpet.  

Our rug can be found at Target HERE and it's on sale for $110 for a 5x7!! I didn't even get that low of a price, I paid $140 (because of course, it went on sale right after I bought it.)  

On Friday we had the rehearsal dinner, and Claire had some expert instruction.  Her co-flower girl, our cousin Alex is an old pro, and was ADORABLE with her.  She entertained her by jumping around, making silly faces, and grabbing her hand when it was time to get to their work (walking down the aisle, sans tantrums.)  

I did a really great job taking photos of Claire this weekend and a pretty awful job getting myself or Darrell into them.  I have NO family photo (why Mary, WHY) and only this one of her and I!  

The gorgeous bride, and Darrell's brother's girlfriend Bridget!  

And the best (HAH) part of the weekend.  Claire successfully made it down the aisle, really and truly, and then stopped when she got to me and decided that was as far as she needed to go.  I thought we were home free, but right as the vows began she through the most epic, I'm talking Defcon-4 level temper tantrum complete with a dramatic flinging of her entire body into the middle of the aisle in the grass.  Needless to say, we watched the remainder of the wedding from far, far away!! Thankfully my parents were also wedding guests, and took her home for some much needed free play and sleep right after the ceremony ended.  It was admittedly kind of a lot to expect her to have skipped naps, posed for 40559385 photos, and still be cheerful by 6 pm.  

I don't have many photos from the reception, but as you can see from this one no one had any fun.  At all.  

This photo just kills me, and also Darrell NEVER dances so it had to be posted for posterity.  

Sunday we came home early and pretty much let Claire do whatever she wanted to all day long!  Honestly she was just stir crazy and exhausted, she took multiple naps and ran laps in the backyard while we grilled out.  It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend, but we are so grateful it's our last weekend of travel for a long time!  I don't have a weekend I have to pack a suitcase until November and I am so extremely okay with that!! 

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