the weekender/labor day weekend

In case you had reason to fear we didn't have enough fun this weekend, let the record show that it was a perfect holiday! 

However, our last week was a whole lot of sad, bad, awful because Claire got the croup at daycare, so we were feeling pretty deserving of a break by Friday!  The poor thing had horrible trouble breathing to the point of needing a steroid shot, and we were worried sick/exhausted from being up all hours of the night and anxious as could be about her overall state.  Think lots of periods of just inconsolable crying....yeesh.  I am so grateful that she has been really healthy overall, because there's nothing worse than seeing your baby sick.  

We left for the lake mid-week and Claire felt so much better the morning we woke up there - obviously we maxed out on happy giggles and snuggles in light of her improved mood! 

We had gorgeous weather all week, so we took advantage of our built in babysitters (my parents) and had friends down for the weekend to mostly swim, sunbathe, and drink Peach Bourbon slushies on the dock.  

Cue 50687 photos of us doing just that: 

I mean, that face! 

We even got a perfect group pic!  Even if Claire was a little pissed off about wearing that life jacket....

We got back pretty early on Monday and when I was getting ready to go to the grocery store, Darrell snapped these adorable pics of Claire "helping" me get ready.  She is definitely getting into the stage of wanting to copy everything we do (which is a little scary but mostly just incredibly adorable!)  

In that same vein, Darrell sent me these pics while I was grocery shopping, and I figured that was probably the best way to end this post if my goal was to brighten your Monday-ish Tuesday.  

I hope you all had a fantastic labor day weekend too!  

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