the weekender/loufest edition

We had such a fun weekend these past few days - we went to Loufest music festival - St. Louis' own, and it always feels perfect that we end the season here in our town.  It was unbelievable weather, in the 60s both days and perfectly sunny!  We had promised Claire to the grandparents for the weekend, although we missed her so much!  With the amazing weather we could have taken her with us easily, and she's at one of my favorite stages ever right now, so snuggly and smiley and curious.  As I write this, she's just been dropped off at daycare by my mother and I'm counting down the hours until I get to pick her up after work.  

After my parents picked her up, we got ready and made up a pre-festival brunch.  

These were supposed to be muffins, but I'm not a grown up apparently and realized once I got the batter made up that I don't own a muffin tin.   I made a blueberry cake instead and it was still delicious!  

Obligatory pre-festival group picture, photobombed by Gatsby.  

Once we got to Forest Park, we had a little car/bar party until the first show we wanted to see.  

And that's all there is folks!  I wish I had more pictures, but it was a successful Loufest all around and I magically ended up not being too tired today.  

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