Dress (under $25!) // Plaid // Bag // Boots (very old but Frye also released this similar style) // Lipstick

Last Thursday my creative and talented friend Jess  hosted St. Louis' first "Coloring Club."  If you hadn't yet noticed the books with intricate pages lining the checkout aisles of your local bookstore, I'm here to tell you that coloring is kind of the new knitting, it seems like everyone is doing it!  She was shocked that over 250 people replied "yes!" to her e-vite and we all filled Urban Chestnut Brewery nearly to capacity to doodle and drink.  I got dressed in a 90s inspired outfit for the evening, and was excited to wear this faux-suede dress I found at TARGET (home of all things affordable and cute, right?)  I had fun incorporating autumn's grungy makeup trends with this super dark and dramatic lip.  I linked an Anastasia lipstick in the widget but this one is actually from Colourpop - a new company I'm completely in love with!  They're an LA based cosmetics company making the highest quality shadows, lipsticks, and highlighters I've ever found at their price points.  Definitely check them out!  

Darrell is quite the "artiste" and frankly his coloring sheet turned out far better than mine did, but I have to admit that I picked up a book of pretty pages also at Target and I've been filling them in bit by bit when I have a smidgen of time to myself in the evenings.  I have to admit, one of my biggest challenges since becoming a parent has been deciding what to do with the little free time I have.  Sleep?  Coloring? Blog?  Read?  Journal?  Yoga?  Running?  Zoning out in front of Netflix?  

Yeah, it's a lot of options and I usually have time for one, maybe two things each day.  Sometimes I squeeze in my "reading" with a podcast or Audible book during my commute.  I always hope that I'm not losing my ability to be well rounded and still managing to keep myself informed and involved without compromising any time I spend with Claire or Darrell.  Okay, I'm rambling now but moms, you get me right??  

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