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Happy Friday!  We have a weekend of not much at all planned out, maybe taking Claire to the children's museum and DEFINITELY to the park, a yoga class or two, and Darrell is brewing some beer!  Basically perfection.  It is finally cooling down today after a heat wave - it was 80 degrees yesterday, Claire stripped down to a diaper and got in at the splash pad a the park, how crazy is that?!  

I'm looking forward to enjoying some cozy sweaters and hot coffee.  I hope you have a lovely couple of days!  Here are my favorite links from the past two weeks....

Every conversation between a parent and child ever.  YUP.  

Possibly the next time we're hard up for a babysitter?  

This little girl's CVS themed birthday party is amazing.  Kids are so awesome.  

Why Millennials are leaving, leaving, leaving for new jobs. 

Claire didn't care much for co-sleeping, but this amazing Ikea hack is any successful co-sleeper's dream!  

Bored at work?  Play with "The Nostalgia Machine" for a bit.  

As the mother of a very girly girl who loves all things sparkly and pink, I appreciated this essay "defending princesses."  

And last but not least, this cracked me up.  

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