siri says

Hey guys!  It's been so long since I've done a Siri says, I have a phone full of pictures I wanted to share that didn't really fit into a "Weekender" so get ready for some cute, some outfit details from Instagram, and well, a whole lotta randomness...

This one just killed me!  This kid is very opinionated about what she wears lately and this day she did NOT want her hair done...which is why all I managed was this top of the head ponytail.  

Randomly decided to work on my makeup a little harder this day....lipstick is Ofra cosmetics "Miami Fever" and I am obsessed with it for fall!  Also loving this hat, which goes with pretty much everything!  

Breaking it up with a super duper cute baby bath photo that obviously needed to be shared with the world.  

Over the knee boots here, dress is from Target.  

Frye boots old, but these are current and SO similar.  

I realize my face looks WEIRD in this photo, but I'm obsessed with this hairstyle for fall.  

T swift grainy selfies and stuff..

Okay let's end with a baby in a hat, because why not.  

Hope your week is going lovely, have a happy Wednesday!  

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