the weekender

Can we just talk about her overjoyed face in this photo?  Slides are apparently Claire's love language. This is pretty much all we did all weekend (plus a date night dinner at The Shaved Duck.)  Playgrounds, farmer's market, so so so much walking because we could hardly stand to be inside and a trip to Ikea that helped me to reorganize our whole kitchen.  All in all, a major success.  

She would walk over to this and say "up up up!"  She has ZERO fear, and thus this may be the last time we hit up this playground, instead sticking to the age 1-4 play place at the other end of the park.  This one has too many edges for her to potentiallyd jump off of, so we both circled the entire thing or climbed with her while there.  

I need to post an updated stroller review soon!  I used to love ours, but the older she's gotten I hate that she can't sit up straight, and it doesn't steer very well with her this heavy.  And hello, strollers should last until they're like 5!  

Farmer's market apple hand pies got a solid thumbs up!  

Okay, STL fall status report ovvvvvvver and out!  

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