the weekender: vacation edition

Was it cruel of me to open on this photo?  I'm sorry, I just could not resist!  It's kind of hilarious - life with a toddler, one minute you're hanging ornaments and the next it's all coming crashing down.  Literally, in this case, because this is when I realized that these bulbs were glass and thus quite breakable, making it impossible for her to continue "helping" me string them along the front porch. 

For the record, I'm not typically a proponent of pre-Thanksgiving Christmas decorations, but since we were leaving for an entire week right before Thanksgiving I knew it would majorly stress me out to have to rush to put them up, so I gave in!  

Then we went to Florida! 

Full disclosure - I am mega proud of this pic.  Earlier that day I ran my fastest 5K ever (23 minutes!!) and I have to attribute that all to the Tone It Up Fit For Fall #charitychallenge that I completed the previous week.  100 miles over those 12 weeks along with god knows how many burpees but it was totally worth it.  For the record, I didn't lose or gain a single pound, but my fitness level changed noticably!  Next week I'm starting the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body guides, which I've heard are both amazing and somewhat grueling.....wish me luck!  

Aside from pool time we spent evenings playing games...

and even made a trip to Disney one evening for Mickey's Magic Christmas Party!  

Claire looked like that for 90% of the trip, but she did ride It's a Small World and The Haunted Mansion!  

Then we did an adults only day at Universal Orlando, the highlight of which was obviously the Harry Pottery parks of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley!  

We bought Claire a little souvenir home, to keep for a few years from now when she's old enough for the books....

Claire was basically an angel on the flight down, but more challenging to keep still and entertained on the flight home, which directly intersected her nap time.  I thought this might mean a sleeping baby during the flight, but NOPE.  AND THEN THIS HAPPENED.  Right when we landed, of course.  

Okay, so now that our vacation is over I'm officially declaring it the holidays!  Our tree got a little Mouse magic of its own...here's Claire pointing out our newest ornament addition.  

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