the weekender

The theme song of our weekends the past two weeks has been "crunch crunch crunch."  

I don't know what inspired her to stop and hug this pole, but apparently it just had to happen.  I wasn't fast enough with the camera, but she HUGGED it.  

We recently discovered the most AMAZING playground for smaller children in the Clayton neighborhood, Shaw Park.  The entire facility is fenced in with latch gates to get out, and this little structure as you can see is so perfectly low to the ground!  Claire had a blast being able to access nearly every aspect of the area and I was much more comfortable letting her roam a bit away from me.  Freedom!  Within reason haha.  

 And then it was Halloween weekend!! Claire isn't quite old enough to understand the excitement of "dressing up" and I'm fairly sure she just though this was an everyday outfit, but I was in love with her costume!  Sweet Audra from "The Baker Chick" was kind enough to lend it to us (see it on her adorable son Hugo last year here!)  

We took Claire to a Halloween party at our neighborhood parenting store (foregoing trick or treating because she isn't really old enough) but honestly she didn't just love the party!  I don't know if she was teething or overwhelmed by the crowded room, but we were there for an hour and she was sitting at the front door of the store saying "outside!" so we packed her up and went home for a nap.  At least I got some cute photos!  But this one REALLY sums up her feelings about Halloween apparently :/ 

I had planned to be a "party animal" for an adult party we went to that evening, but at the last minute I decided to get more millennial and be Socality Barbie - click here if you don't get it - which was way more fun and also WAY more comfortable!  

Last but certainly not least, Sunday afternoon we went to a matinee of Matilda the Musical at the Fox Theatre and it was SO good.  It was a very quirky musical - truer to the storyline of the book than of the movie - and the little girl who starred was just ten years old and phenomenal.  I completely forgot how sad that story is and cried quite a bit actually!  

Grainy selfie required to document the three of us getting together for something so fun.  Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!  

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