i'm not sure what to call this post besides "hello, here are a lot of cute baby photos"

Since this blog is both a diary for me personally and the world, I wanted to update it with some of my favorite photos from the past few weeks despite not having much time to write about what we've been up to!  I hope you enjoy these, as we have really been enjoying the holiday season with Claire and our families.  

I loved this sweet photo of Claire and my mom taken on Thanksgiving morning.  

And a rare NON SELFIE photo of the two of us together!  

The weekend after thanksgiving we went to a German Christmas market in St Louis, where Claire and this little boy entertained themselves with ROCKS for about half an hour.  On the bench into a pile!  OFF the bench in a tiny rock storm!  

These photos of some of the magic at the Missouri Botanical Gardens toy train exhibit are some of my favorite ever - I've decided next year we must get one of those trains that runs around the base of the tree!  

Unfortunately claire did NOT enjoy the lights.  Not one bit, in fact, and we had to race out while strangers with children gave us stares of solidarity.  NO THANK YOU TO LIGHTS for at least this year, says Claire.  

Santa, however, gets a big thumbs up.  And babies who smile for Santa in the pretty outfits their mothers painstakingly chose for them.....well, they get mall popcorn after picture time.  

We've had freakishly warm weather in December this year  (it is sixty degrees outside as I type this) and while it doesn't feel particularly festive I would be lying if I said we weren't enjoying it because we definitely are.  

And then a little toddler mischief from the other night - this happened in about 5 seconds of her being alone in her room.  

Claire & Mingo the Flamingo.  Possibly my best Anthropologie purchase ever.  

 That's all folks!  See you on the flip side of Christmas and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!  

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