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I have the CRAZIEST week (expect me to say that every week this month, like everyone else!) So today I just wanted to post a few of my favorite photos from the Thanksgiving holiday, with very little commentary.  Without further adieu...

I was basically obsessed with Claire's Thanksgiving outfit - and can we talk about those fox socks??  99 cents at Old Navy!  

We played Jingle Bells on the piano roughly 10 times...I think she has a musical future!  

And THEN she fell asleep on me on Wednesday, something that basically never happens anymore.  I might be paying for that now, as the last few nights she's been much more demanding with her bedtime routine and frankly everyone's a little exhausted.....it could also be from the excess of being out of her routine but hopefully we can get it back on track soon!  Until then, coffee.  

"Helping" me get ready for a holiday party.  

Pancakes on Sunday morning!  

Running with the theme of naptime cuddles, and rough bedtimes, Claire has been verrrrrry clingy lately and we've been doing lots of wearing again.  

She is exhausting but she sure is adorable.  I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are not *too* stressed out by Christmas' approach!  

Happy Holidays, xo

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