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Monday is a little extra hard today guys!  So sorry for the radio silence over here, we've been so busy that truthfully, I haven't had time to focus on blogging.  I'm doing what you're supposed to do in the summer time, which is max out on all the fun that you can, but it's meant some things have had to take a backseat, in the best of ways!  Today I'm just going to share a bit of what we've been up to lately...

 These pictures pretty much sum up Miss Claire as of late - always on the run, too busy for posing to photos!  We wore matching outfits to a baby shower last weekend for one of my closest friends who lives much too far away!  

PS - Shop our matching outfits here and here.  

Luckily she's so happy these days that it's not too hard to catch a smile on film.  

 This past weekend we dropped Claire at my parent's for the night to go out with some friends visiting from Chicago!  Darrell's college roommate Jeff and his wife Taylor are the best, and we basically would like to steal them from Chicagoland.  Don't you like St. Louis guys??? Please move here! 

(plus, Taylor is the prettiest) 

Of course, the best part of any weekend is spending a Sunday at home with Claire.  Especially when she does cute things like "nap" with Gatsby and look oh-so-grown-up "reading" her books.   I couldn't love her much more.  On to 4th of July weekend, at the lake of course! 


claire at one year, and other random things

In case you are wondering if birthdays really are magical, here is a picture of Claire on her first birthday having been serendipitously served yogurt for breakfast at daycare.  

 (photo courtesy of Miss Shannon) 

Yogurt is easily her favorite food, possibly followed by ice cream, which she got that afternoon: 

and THAT was on the way to the splash pad!  We do birthdays right here, let me tell you.  Other than celebrating Claire turning one (potentially to excess) we've done lots of  other things like outdoor concerts!  Which happen every week at the botanical gardens, within walking distance from our apartment! 

Saltwaters & Mexican blankets, that's how you can tell it's summer.  Claire wasn't super cheerful at this week's show because shots, but apparently there's nothing a snack cup full of Cheerios can't fix.  

Speaking of Claire - aren't we always - she is very into being "helpful" right now - 

helping to comb her hair...

water the flowers...

 put away laundry...

 and picking up after herself, because #responsiblebaby.  Actually it has reached a random level of annoyance because after seeing us put her diapers in the pail she now thinks ALL her diapers need to go in the pail - even clean ones - and since I've locked the pail she just slams the lid onto a diaper over and over,  it's only a matter of time until she breaks it.  

Aside from the super lame outfit in this selfie (which I wore to the splash pad) notice my industrial strength phone case?  Claire graciously decided to give my iPhone a glass of wine to drink at the last outdoor concert, and since it wasn't the first (OR SECOND) iPhone she's managed to destroy, I decided it was time to suit the newest guy up.  Life cases forever, even if they do cost nearly as much as the phone!! 

What else what else...

 Brunch with my people at Rooster (again) where we took more selfies and Claire ate Cheerios even after being offered an incredibly yummy egg and cheese crepe ordered just for her. 

 Peonies are at Trader Joe's - get them while you can!  $6.99 for a bunch of pure happiness. 

Have a lovely week, everybody! 


claire's birthday fiesta

 Today I'd love to share a couple of photos from Claire's first birthday party!  We actually had a pretty big gathering of about 30 people.  I decided on a fiesta theme, and we had tacos, margaritas, and of course lots of cake.  

I ordered a pretty flower crown from one of my favorite florists in St. Louis, Flowers to the People, but of course it only stayed on about as long as she was distracted by the cake!  

Claire showed off her walking skills for all her guests!  

We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful backyard to use for parties.  It really doesn't require much decorating at all, the flowers do all the work for us! 

Claire's room is seriously crammed with toys now!  She got everything from a tricycle to a rocking horse (which used to be her dad's, saved all this time by her grandparents) to a children's grand piano!  She is totally loving it, and we are loving how entertained she is! 


siri says

I always like to open with a cute baby picture for these posts, because why not?  I'm emptying out my iPhone, and that's mostly what's on there...

My closet y'all, it has been undergoing a revolution.  I've stayed at my current size for a couple of months now and guess what?  NONE of my old clothes fit.  They were all too big and although that's a nice problem to have, it can be a real pain when you're trying to actually you know, wear clothes.  So I sold a TON of stuff on eBay (I'm talking like 50% of my closet, and I still have several up if you want to go check them out ) and I've been slowly but surely replacing some things.  I shop a lot on eBay after selling there, which can be a gamble on fit because obviously you can't just send things back, but I stick to brands I know and love and if necessary, tailor them.  I had to bring this dress home from the Pink Magnolia last week because it was just too perfect, and how cute are their dressing rooms?   

I will never have enough photos of Claire and I, because getting one where we are both smiling is next to impossible. This was the best I could do, and of course it's all kinds of blurry. 

Photos of Claire smiling though, and simultaneously getting into trouble, are not something I am short on.  

Mark my words, she will learn to climb this gate in the next year.  

I went out for the most decadent and AMAZING brunch at Cafe Osage this past weekend and I just though you might want to drool over these food photos.   Also, where can I find little herb boxes like that?

Don't worry Shaw, Claire has got the neighborhood on watch.  This is her favorite perch lately and I basically think it's the cutest thing ever.  She likes to wave at everyone who walks by. 

That's all folks, you are welcome for that randomness!  I'm too busy putting together details for this girl's first birthday party Saturday! 


hey pretty mama/nursing style: the button down

Top - Lilly Pulitzer Elsa , Shorts - J. Crew, Sandals - Jack Rogers, Earrings - Kendra Scott, Sunglasses - Ray Ban Clubmasters
 So here's the thing about style blogging - sometimes the best laid plans don't really work out!  I had planned this outfit out Saturday night and woke up to the most dreary, cold day.  So we took these pictures and.....I promptly ran back inside to change into jeans and a pullover for lunch.  Last day of May, high of 60 degrees.  St. Louis weather will never cease to amaze me.  

So after that thrilling talk about the weather, let's just jump into the meat of this post...

If I read one more recommendation to wear 'button down shirts' while nursing I might just puke.  Truthfully, button down shirts are TERRIBLE on women whose breasts have just become disproportionally large in comparison to their bodies.  It's ridiculous to even suggest them as an option in general.  They pull, they aren't flattering to a somewhat inflated waistline, and they tend to look either oddly formal or overly frumpt.  Popovers, however, are an entirely different story!  

I love a popover blouse because you get all the benefits of a button down without the button-popping problems.  As long as you get the right size, you're golden, and they look just as good tucked in as out.  This top in particular is one of my favorite styles, and is consistently released by Lilly Pulitzer year round in a variety of prints and solids.  

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