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Favorite Color Combination: Blue & White

I've been loving the fresh combination of these two colors lately, and it's been hard not to overbuy - there is so much cute stuff out there right now!  So let me share my favorites with you - these will give you spring closet a boost!  

Favorite Quote:

"I’m a firm believer that every person and company should put family or personal lives first, and that men should “lean out” instead of women “leaning in.” I believe that prioritizing your kids over your job is something to be admired, not embarrassed by. I know that the last generation of women didn’t have this option, and instead had to pave the way for us having this luxury. For this I won’t apologize and nor should any of you, male or female." - Emily Henderson

I had the interesting experience this week of seeing Kevin O'Leary (of Shark Tank) speak at a "Ted Talk" inspired gathering.  I don't watch Shark Tank, and didn't know much about who he was before the event, but was still excited to hear his insights on business - he's obviously been a very successful man, but I was disappointed by his speech.  He quickly jumped into a list of reasons that people are disposable, why firing weak links should be done quickly and ruthlessly, and that success was the only goal in business and in life.  He actually told a story of how he suggested a man dump his fiancee because she wanted him to spend less time working and more time with her family.  And what good is success if you have no one to share it with?  I wonder if that young man is now sitting alone, on a giant pile of money....for Mr O'Leary's part, he admitted he had no idea what had happened to him, he never followed up on his advice.

I have the opportunity of working for my family business, and this has afforded me the opportunity to prioritize my family.  This is also an opportunity extended to all our employees.  I frequently see my coworkers leaving a little early to catch a basketball game or to take their child to a doctor's appointment in person, and no one criticizes this - in fact, it's encouraged.  Everyone works hard, without question.  I'm proud to work for a company that, so far, seems to have successfully balanced success and the happiness and well being of it's employees.  And I wonder, if Kevin O'Leary had tried to do the same, would it really have jeopardized the success he has had so much?  I'm not sure that it would have...

Favorite Restaurant: Porano Pasta

We are longtime fans of Gerard Craft's famously family friendly "Pastaria" in Clayton, St Louis so whenever we heard that he was opening a fast casual counterpart to it, we were excited to try it out.  Well, it's been open about a month and we've eaten there more than once, so you could say we're fans!  Think Chipotle, but with Italian food - and Bellinis if you choose to spice up your casual lunch - we love the kale salad option and Darrell is nuts about the sugo sauce.  It's a must-do if you're in St Louis and happen to be downtown!  

Favorite Blog/Blog Post: Extra Petite

If you are on the petite size of things and not following the blog "Extra Petite" you are missing out on some valuable shopping advice!  Not only does she post flattering outfit ideas for the shorter-limbed among us, she leaves fit advice for almost every purchase she makes, down to boot shafts that are great or not so great for less than lanky legs to sleeves on investment coats that will need taken up.

Favorite Subscription: Mac & Mia

I was referred by a friend to a new service a lot like Stitch Fix called "Mac & Mia," but it's for children!  I was intrigued - the carry a lot of sustainable independent brands with designs outside your usual finds at the Gap or Old Navy.  When our box arrived, I honestly loved everything in it, but I kept just a couple things because admittedly the clothes are a little on the pricier side (individual items $30-75.)  I kept a beautiful quilted linen dress with a lemon pattern that will be super sweet on Claire all summer.  Just like Stitch Fix, there's a $20 styling fee and you send back everything you don't want - only being charged when they receive those items back.  The $20 styling fee goes towards anything you keep.  This is definitely something I'll be using more of when Claire is in need of new clothes - they're very good at listening to what you ask for - for example, I said I loved rompers and they sent 4!  I also love that they send a huge variety of items - 11 in fact.  Stitch Fix only sends you 5!

Favorite Breakfast: Kodiak Cakes!  These are just pre-mixed protein pancakes that you throw together basically like Bisquick, except that they have 21g of protein per serving.  Bonus - they're delicious!  I make them into waffles and top with avocado and and egg, or throw in some chocolate chips on the weekend.  Claire will eat them too!  A major bonus for a vegetarian baby.

Favorite Photo:

I don't feel like this really even needs a caption!  

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