I Tried It: Trunk Club

There are so many clothing subscription services out now (a more detailed review of Mac & Mia is coming soon!) that I thought it would be fun to expand my thoughts on a few of the more recent ones.  If you're a fan of Stitch Fix (my review on that service here, here, and here) then get ready to switch it up, because I've found something I like even more!  

Trunk Club, long a service that was similar but only offered men's clothing, has finally expanded its offerings to include women's!  

The great thing about Trunk Club is that they don't charge any styling or shipping fees.  It's completely free to receive your trunk.  You can even schedule your package pickup (for free!!!  again!!) through the Trunk Club website after you've given your stylist feedback and just set it out for pickup.  With Stitch Fix, you have to drop your package off at a USPS drop point - not a big deal, but less convenient for sure.  I also really appreciate that I don't feel the need to "spend" my styling fee by making sure it goes towards an item in my shipment.  Trunk Club operates on the success of their stylists skill, so you never feel pressured to buy anything as a client.  You are also able to chat with your stylist on the phone or via email before she puts your trunk together, which makes for a more successful experience overall.  

Trunk Club sends you 12-15 pieces per trunk (including shoes and handbags, or jewelry and scarves if you request it) and before your box is shipped you get a "preview."  During this you log on to your account and are able to veto any items you DEFINITELY don't want sent because you don't like them, and your stylist will pick new things.  This greatly ups your chances of success, which I loved because it's very disappointing to get a box with absolutely nothing you like in it!  

After you get the box and try on, you have 10 days to return your unwanted items, which is quite a bit longer than any other service I've seen.  All in all, Trunk Club completely blew any of its competition out of the water and is definitely my favorite of the clothing subscription services so far. 

Okay, copious amounts of try on photos below!  

These were on top of my box so they got photographed first - they're kind of a mustard color, and although very cute this color doesn't jive well with much of my wardrobe.  Return!  

I didn't think the cuff was all that great on these Madewell shorts with my muscular legs, and this white Rag & Bone t shirt was a HILARIOUS $85!!!! I made sure to note that in my feedback, $85 plain t shirts really aren't my jam.  

This Equipment v neck blouse was very pretty but ran large, and it was also quite see thru.   I loved these Rag & Bone black denim capris, but they were out of my budget for denim and didn't fit all that well anyways.  

This Joie top was $248, SO there's that.  It went back.  Obviously.  

I really liked these Topshop jeans but don't need any more blue denim, I really wished they were white.  They were super comfortable!  I requested something like them in white next time.  

This dress was quite pretty, but not as pretty as another white dress I tried on from the box, pictured below.  So it went back!  

This blue dress was a great color but just so 80s!! I wish it hadn't had the second straps on the outside.  

This pink dress was very well priced and so was the jacket, but the jacket was too big and I don't wear much of this darkish pink, so they went back.  

This dress I LOVED!! It's by Cupcakes & Cashmere (a blog I've read a long time who has lately started a fashion line sold at Nordstrom) and this was the first piece I've ever tried from it.  It was extremely well priced considering the cut and quality and I really, really like it.  It was worth getting the whole box to find this dress in my opinion.  The fabric floats really nicely in person, and it'll be extremely comfortable this summer.  Win!  

This was toooooo dowdy on me. Return!  

These sneakers are Joie and very cute, but so delicate that I didn't really feel they were "playground practical" and I'm not sure where else I'd wear them.  

I LOVED these booties/sandals and they were under $100, which was awesome.  They're by hinge. (a Nordstrom house brand) that I've loved for a while and the blushy-neutral color will go with everything.  They'll replace a Target pair I wore into the ground last summer and are very comfortable.  

If you have any questions about Trunk Club please let me know in the comments!  You can sign up for your first trunk here - like I've said I cannot seem to think of a downside, so get to it!  Spring is coming!  

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