the weekender/easter

Claire's mouth closed.  

Claire's mouth full of candy.  

Claire kind of smiling but Darrell is only halfway there....

Claire not having it at all....


The Easter bunny got creative.  Hiding eggs on the treadmill?  SURE!  Haha we had a little apartment bound egg hunt that was a great success.  Although once Claire found out there was chocolate in the eggs she completely abandoned the hunt until she had eaten ALL that she had already found!  

To me the most comical part of any Easter weekend is the inevitable attempt to get a good family photo.  Last year on Easter Claire was a total grump - I think she was teething or something - I didn't even do a dedicated post, but there are a few photos of her crying in her dress in this old post !  This year she was an absolute angel, with a smile for everyone, but no child looooooves posing for photos as many times as I tried to make her!  So I'm thrilled with the ones that we got.  

Hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend!  

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