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Okay, me and my stylist are officially in a groove - this week I'm reviewing my "follow up trunk" that was put together to address some issues I had with the previous one and I have to say, she nailed it!  I was staring at the box with my budget not lining up with my wants by the time it was time to pack it up and send it back, so this week I'm telling you how I made the hard cuts; even though I really wanted to keep everything!  If you missed my previous post on Trunk Club, click here to check it out!  

First up, the items I didn't even feel that I needed to try on because I knew I didn't like them (I mean, let's save the best for last!)  

I didn't like the white denim jacket she sent, I prefer and more solid and sturdy denim in pants and jackets and this one was extremely stretchy and had snaps.  So, it went back.  I prefer sandals to sneakers in the summertime.  While I LOVED the little leather tote, it just wasn't quite bit enough for me to warrant keeping. The silk Madewell dress I didn't love the pattern on.  

Now for the fun stuff!  I really liked every other item, but only kept three pieces.  

This white eyelet romper was so cute, I really wanted to keep it.  But I ended up sending it back just because of my budget!  It was so fun though, I could see myself hunting it down just to see if it goes on sale.  

I loved this Free People dress, and it was so comfortable and easy to wear that it was an obvious keeper.  

This romper was also Free People, and it was super cute and not actually too high considering it's FP.  I ended up sending it back, but I really liked it.  

Another Free People top (I told my stylist I love the brand) but I thought this one was drab.  And I loved these distressed white jeans, but you can't see that the waistband was at least one or two sizes too big, so hopefully I'll get the next size down in my next trunk.  

This Free People off shoulder top was super cute but the lines didn't exactly stay straight on my large chest, so it was a no.  Loved the front of these white shorts, but they're by Hudson and the pockets are "pointy" in the back (a detail of every Hudson jean) so I made a note to my stylist to not include that and sent them back.  

I specifically requested Jack Rogers this box and she nailed it with the style and color selection - these are so versatile and match everything from Lilly Pulitzer to Madewell.  The ultimate neutral summer sandal, and so comfy!  

I thought this crop top was very cute but it "popped" out in the front under my chest, so it didn't work for me (although I love a crop top, and hopefully will get more that just flatter me a little better!)  Loved these shorts in length and cut, but I really want a high waisted short for this summer that I can wear crop tops with, so these went back.  

I was initially looking at this top like "um, a plain white t shirt?" Then I put it on, draped it a little, and suddenly it was my favorite piece in the whole box.  Keeper!  It's also by Free People.  The jeans are Paige and while I did like them, the denim was thin and a little stretchier than I like it to be.  

That was everything!  I liked this box a lot more than the last, and probably would've kept 6 or 7 things if money was no object!  I still think Trunk Club is my favorite personal shopping service out there - definitely the highest quality clothing, definitely the least pressure, definitely the easiest to receive and send back - and I highly recommend it!  

You can get started with my stylist here (no fees, no nothing unless you buy an item) and you don't pay for anything until after you've received your box and made your selections!  Also want to end this post by saying that this isn't a sponsored post, I just really love this service and hope you enjoy the try ons!  

Thanks for reading, as always!  

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