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It's getting to "summer countdown" time and I feel like everyone I know is trying to squeeze every last bit of summer goodness that they can out of these final weekends!  We are lucky to have a night out with friends planned and then are keeping it low key with family time around the house (mowing, church, etc - I know, our lives are exciting haha!)  But seriously we are really enjoying all of the calm after a hectic beginning to our summer.  I hope you are relaxing as much as we are!  

Here are my favorite links from this week - I really missed doing these posts so I hope you enjoy reading them!  

Apparently they made a candle that smells like two of my favorite things ever.  I'm not sure I can live without it.  

I keep hearing that this book is hysterical (written by Amy Schumer's lead writer) and I think I'll have to start it this weekend.  

Healthy raw cookie dough that you can eat with a spoon (and make in less than 10 minutes!!)  

Ariana Huffington's morning routine.  

I really need this Gilmore Girls tee.  Also, have you seen the trailer??

Wearing scarves like the french do is a huge summer to fall trend, and I'm totally on board!  

Lastly, you know I can't resist a good updo, and this post highlights some of my favorites for summer in an easy, chic way!   

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