life update + probably far too many baby photos!

Oh hai.  Honestly, it is such a struggle to start blogging again after such a long break, so I'll just jump right in with a little update.  

When I last left off, we had bought a house, yes!  So, that really explains a lot of where we've been.  However, we also have travelled a ton (California, Vermont, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Georgia, the Ozarks, end scene!) so my free time has been non-existent.  Last but not least, just when we were planning to get back into a groove and I was, yup, planning to start blogging again, our house basically fell apart.  Our fridge broke, which is a bigger deal than you'd think?  We have a mini fridge, but that required daily grocery trips.  Then, our AIR CONDITIONING WENT OUT the week of a heat advisory, and we still have no fridge.  

So we abandoned ship.  I'm so, so grateful that my parents also live in St Louis and have a condo that we're able to stay in while we're displaced.  (Claire literally could not handle the heat at the house, we took her back to get different clothes one day and she cried the entire time we were there just saying "I'm hoooooooooot."  I felt so bad!)  My parents are at the lake a lot in the summer so we're - hopefully - not tooooo much of an imposition.  We have a repair appointment today for our A/C and our *new* fridge that was installed incorrectly and was leaking water all over our kitchen floor.  

So yeah!  Kind of difficult to fit in outfit shoots & blog posts within all of that :/  

I have taken a lot of photos of life the past couple of months, so I thought I'd share them and then maybe tomorrow y'all can come back for a "Reading Lately" post?  Because I have been reading a TON on planes, and so so many new and amazing books have come out this summer.  Okay, on to the photos!

First up, a couple of weekends at the lake that were SO much fun.  Can you even get over that cousin love??? We also went for Claire's birthday - she turned 2 June 9th, and we did a low key family day of Grant's Farm and then to the Ozarks for the weekend with my parents.  

Right after her birthday we headed to California for the most beautiful wedding of my college roommate, Lyndsay and her now husband Kevin.  It was such a blast and if you're as obsessed with weddings as I am you should really check out their photos on their photographer's blog here.  Nothing I post will do it as much justice as that!  

We stayed in Cali for an entire 10 days, partially because it was a long overdue vacation for Darrell & I alone, and partially because at 2 years old I really was over nursing Claire, and we decided a separation would help with that!  For the record, it totally worked, and I am super grateful for how smoothly it went, and the grandparents that watched her while we were gone . 

We went down to LA to see Joanna after the wedding!  We were there for a couple of days and had such a blast in the Venice area.  Our AirBNB was SO GOOD.  

First time eating In-N-Out - not exactly the most exciting thing for a vegetarian haha!  We were actually out of town on Father's Day as well, and not surprisingly Darrell chose a Dodger's game for that day's activities.  It was BOILING hot and honestly didn't even hold a candle to Busch Stadium, but I might be biased :)  

Then we took off up the coast for a drive on the PCH to San Francisco!  This was honestly my favorite part of the entire trip, I didn't expect to ever have that much fun driving but we really loved it.  I'd like to do that whole drive again with Claire and more camping!! 

We stayed with our friends Kayla & Nick in the bay area (they live in Berkeley) and hung out in San Francisco for a few days, which I actually liked a lot more than LA!  It was one of those cities where I thought "yup, I could be totally happy living here" if it wasn't, you know, INSANELY EXPENSIVE to live there.  I dabbled on Zillow for a bit near Dolores park and holy.  moly.  But it is a really cool city!! 

We also went up to wine country and had a perfect day in Sonoma!  Not going to lie, I was completely missing Claire by this point and really missing home, but my whole day was brightened up by getting to see my friend Jess, who is leading tours of America all summer long and was serendipitously in Northern California on the same day we were!  

My last bit of fun travel was a quick trip to Vermont where my friend Lisa & I went to the Henningson wedding in gorgeous Orford, NH!  We stayed just across the state line in Vermont and had an amazing time in the most insane AirBNB (this one, actually) and we kayaked, did yoga, and then danced the night away in the most gorgeous tent.  

Last but certainly not least, I've been getting lots of alone time with this girl because outside of our fun weekend trips, Darrell has travelled a lot for work lately so we've been flying solo!  I hate to admit it but when daddy is gone this girl ends up in bed with me A LOT haha but I'm choosing to just enjoy the snuggles.  

I think that pretty much covers it all!  If you're still reading by now, you're a saint, and hopefully I'll be back to our regularly schedule programing now :)  

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