the weekender/splash pad season

You know how grateful you are, when it's Monday morning and you're ACTUALLY NOT UPSET because you had such a relaxing, rejuvating weekend that it leaves you feeling ready for the week?  Yeah, those are way too rare in my book too, but here I am on the other side of one and it makes me want to do nothing but stay at home every weekend for the rest of the summer.  Here are my favorite snaps from our weekend in St Louis!  

Since we moved to Webster Groves from the Tower Grove area we had really been missing it, and kind of shaming ourselves for not hitting up the farmer's market there once yet this summer!  So we made plans with friends to meet up there and of course, Claire had a total blast.  This park has (in my opinion) the best splash pad in the city and they even fill the fountain as a wading pool from 11-1 on weekends!  

Just for fun, here's a little throwback pic - this is Claire in the same fountain on the SAME WEEKEND last summer.  I always see her as a baby but comparing these two photos shows me how big she has gotten!  

Darrell & I also gardened our hearts out on Saturday (in 100 degree heat, YUCK) but our yard basically looked like a rainforest due to our excessive travel lately so it needed to get done!  Then we hung out outside the rest of the day until Claire declared it "too hot" and we retreated to the basement which was much more fun than usual because....

we redid Claire's playroom a little bit with a makeover!  It got a facelift from a ton of "Pillowfort" products from Target as well as some alternative lighting, and although there's still lots to do down there she is REALLY enjoying it so far.  

Last but not least, I hope you'll come back tomorrow if you want to see a new feature I'm adding to the blog!  I have a lot of fun sharing my outfits on Instagram but thus far haven't really enjoyed the process of making the posts "shoppable" for you guys in an easy way.  The service I use to link products, Shopstyle Collective, recently upgraded their platform and I'm working on getting it set up tonight :) 

So I can't wait to hear what you think and if you find it easy to use!  

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