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I have always loved fashion, as some of you MAY have noticed by now. It has always been a part of my life. I feel more confident and energized when I take the time to put effort into what I am wearing, and get excited finding new ways to style my current wardrobe. . And what is my favorite part of fashion? Well, the accessories of course! I'm a basics and jeans kind of girl (or I employ one of my many floral dresses) and accessories are kind of like the icing on the cake!

Although relatively new to Stella & Dot, I fell head over heels at my first trunk show.   I knew the jewelry was not only beautiful, but also extremely well crafted. How stunning is the Statement Necklace I'm wearing above?
I also learned that the company mission aligned with my ideals. But I did not know just how amazing being a stylist would be.

What I find most amazing about Stella & Dot is their drive to empower women to style their own lives. By becoming a stylist, you have the ability to set your own schedule. I for one, obviously work full time already and run this blog - my Stella & Dot business will be more focused on "small and fun!"  Are you interested in having a bit of extra spending money each month? Wonderful, host a trunk show or two each month! Are you interested in making this your full time job? Well then by all means, dive on in!

I very recently became a stylist (PS- you can see my personal Stella & Dot page here so I can assist in styling your fabulous self!)  
If you are interested in learning more about becoming a stylist, what it means to have a sponsor and become part of a team,  I would be happy to chat with you! And of course, I would love to add you to my already amazing Stella & Dot family of other stylists, because styling is more fun when you get to do it with friends!

Are you interested in Stella & Dot, but aren't sure if you want to make the commitment to become a stylist yet? Well, good news is that you can also benefit by being a hostess of one of my trunk shows! 
If you are in the St Louis or Southern IL area, I would love to host a Stella & Dot trunk show at your wonderful home with all of your friends. You will earn free accessories as the hostess, and will get the chance to see a selection of Stella & Dot jewelry in person!
Not in the St Louis or Southern IL area? Have a blog or lots of Facebook friends who love to shop? Good news- you can also host a virtual trunk show on your blog or Facebook event with me, and you will still receive lots of free accessories for hosting and sharing with your readers!

I am only a few days in with being a stylist, and already have big dreams for what I can do! I have created a new page on my website called SHOP THE GEMS, which I will constantly be updating with any new stylist or hostess information, as well as sales and charitable donation information. You can also find my Facebook group for buying and styling , which is a little more personal and close knit, and join it here!

I cannot wait to see what amazing connections I make with y'all and with other amazing women around the world! Please feel free to contact me if you have any more questions at all about Stella & Dot!

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