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Favorite Quote: 

“Anyone who writes down to children is simply wasting his time. You have to write up, not down. Children are demanding. They are the most attentive, curious, eager, observant, sensitive, quick, and generally congenial readers on earth.... Children are game for anything. I throw them hard words and they backhand them across the net.”

I love this quote so much I cannot even tell you.  I constantly find myself doubting what to say to Claire, how to make her understand something, and she surprises me each and every time.  The other day at church, she asked me what an art installation hanging from the ceiling was, and when I balked and couldn't think of anything to say besides "an art installation" she just repeated quietly "an installation" and now can identify one in any museum or store we go into.  It's uncanny.  

Favorite Blog: The Balanced Life

I first heard about The Balanced Life on the podcast "Coffee & Crumbs" and have been hooked ever since.  It's a pilates and lifestyle blog by Robin Long, and the whole philosophy is "grace over guilt" which frankly, is something I need in my fitness routine.  Between working full time and trying to spend as much time with Claire as I can, I don't always have time to drive to the gym, work out, and then shower & get ready AGAIN.  

Favorite Verse

Just because it's lovely and true.  

Favorite Food: Nugo Slim Bars

These have the UGLIEST packaging ever, but they are so delicious and have a really good nutrient balance! Totally vegan, grab the chocolate pretzel flavor if you can find it - i see them at more stores all the time lately!  I've always got one stuck in my bag haha!  You can also buy them on Amazon.  

Favorite Gem

Major necklaces with basic tops, like this one.  Also obsessed with this one, but its a major splurge!  So many other cute ones here.  

Favorite Handbag: Stella & Dot Chevron Weave Convertible Hobo
(ps - message me through the link if you want to get it for half off!)

Hat // Top // Necklace // Jeans  // Shoes

This bag is so versatile, it matches almost everything and the strap can be worn three different ways, which I love.   It's super sturdy and can fit my entire iPad pro and my Day Designer, which is essential on work days!  

Favorite Flowers

Not going to lie - I didn't even really know what a dahlia was before this summer!  I think they're sort of newly trendy?  Either way, I cannot get enough of this whimsical and slightly audacious bloom.  

Favorite Shoes


This shoe is surprisingly comfortable, looks great with everything, and is REALLY affordable.  I have the sand suede (that I obviously wear a lot...) but I could pretty much collect every color and only wear these.  I have my eyes on the blush patent and the baby blue suede too!  

They also come in a rad leopard print (half off!!) but only a few sizes are left.  

Favorite for Claire: Matilda Jane's Once Upon a Time Dresses

I couldn't resist these two sweet dresses (and the knee socks!!!) for her for school this autumn.  They just have so much personality and life.  Sometimes I like dressing Claire like a mini-me, but other times I really enjoy when she looks as much like a child as possible, and these dresses just scream childhood and play to me.  Bonus - the fabric on both is extremely high quality and soft.  

MJ is one of those lines you have to order through a consultant, I order through my friend Nikki whose trunk keeper # is 1187, and her Facebook group is here.  
Or you can email her here and she'll help you get anything you like from this collection.    
(ps - although some links in this post are affiliate links, these are not - this is just who I buy from and I wanted to share!)

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