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Favorite Quote

Oh my goodness, do I ever struggle with this.  I have a lot of irons in the fire, and sometime it is just SO EASY to get distracted or worse, to dedicate time to something I don't particularly enjoy or isn't the most pressing issue, and that's just silly.  Productive is the new goal.  Be productive.  Focus on what's important.  Free up more time to be in the moment with Claire!  

Favorite Verse

I'm an anxious person by nature, and it's something I'm always trying to get under control (yoga & wine help, haha) but recently I was scrolling through Instagram and saw this verse, and it really resonated with me how much in the Bible God insists that we ought not worry, and I've tried to fold that lesson into my heart lately.  I need to be more warrior, less worrier!  

Favorite Blog: Happily Eva After

Written by Susan Sarandon's daughter, or how my husband would refer to her: "Soccer superstar Kyle Martino's wife" Eva Amurri's blog is consistent, interesting, and unfailingly fun to read!  Her family is crazy adorable, and she's also one of my favorite people to follow on Snapchat!  

Favorite Food: Cake Pops

This is a totally embarrassing thing to admit, but I'm completely addicted to the Birthday Cake pops at Starbucks.  #notvegan.  Someone tell me how to quit these things?!  

Favorite Gem: 

Lately I've been complete obsessed with these horn necklaces!  They're so pretty together or on their own, and I love that they're delicate but make a statement.  

You can find them HERE, the Luna Pendant Necklace and the Double Horn Necklace

Favorite Handbag: 

This suede accordion bag from Banana Republic has totally stolen my heart - and it's available here, on sale!  

Favorite Flowers: 

Lately I'm crushing hard on vintage Hydrangeas, a super unique color variety that look so perfect for Autumn!  

Favorite Shoes: 

I'm scheming any way to wear these sparkly pink babies (style name is the Kate Spade Lydia), and apparently you guys like them as well - this is my most liked Instagram post ever!  You can find these shoes here, although I want to give you a heads up that you can get them on Amazon in certain sizes and colors for more than half off.  I never lead you wrong, price wise, if I can help it!  6pm also has a couple colors on major sale here...

Favorite Candle: 

This candle is a major splurge, but it's such a worthy indulgence.  It really fills the entire house with scent, and to me it is just the coziest, most sophisticated autumn scent.  Darrell is even so obsessed with it he will gently insist I restock, despite that fact that he generally would be entirely put off by such a price point.  If you won't take the plunge yourself, it makes a fabulous and very glam gift!  

Favorite for Claire: Cat & Jack!  

This line just launched at Target in toddler sizes and I could not be more in love with it - the whimsy, the color, the PRICE POINT.  All things total perfection.  Claire already has this fun cape, and I've got my eye on this tee and these boots.  

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