the weekender

Our weekend started Friday when Darrell got home and we decided hey, cooking is for the birds, let's get tacos!  

After we persuaded our crazy child (who said she didn't want tacos, like, whose child is she even) to go to Fuzzy's Taco Shop - which is amazing - we only managed to get her out the door in a Sofia dress and shoes of her choice.  She made friends with nature like a true Disney Princess and also decided to take her Minnie Mouse guitar in case she needed to break out into song.  Lest you think we were even slightly embarrassed by her outfit decision, rest assured that she was NOT THE ONLY PRINCESS at Fuzzy's that night.  There was a little girl of similar age in full Sleeping Beauty regalia.  Sympathetic looks were exchanged all around.  Margaritas were consumed.  All in all, a successful Friday.  

We were awoken Saturday morning with the traditional toddler method of awakening, "clap your hands in mommy's face until she sits up and pays attention to you."  It's much cuter than it sounds.  

Since we were up anyways, we decided trips to the library and playground were in order before naptime.  So we packed up and headed to the local library where we *finally* got Claire a library card. She is currently sitting in a massive pile of books next to me.  Did you know they lifted borrowing limits on library books sometime this year?  It used to be around 7, as far as I knew, but now you're just responsible for as many as you want to be, up to like 100 or something crazy!  

That night was a friend's surprise birthday party, so we headed out to celebrate!  
Thankfully, the party started around 6 so it was super kid friendly and Claire had a total blast.  
I debuted some new blonde hair I'm pretty excited about (also pretty excited about these shoes, which are under $40!!) To Darrell's dismay, I'm thinking of going even blonder next time - thoughts?!  

Top // Necklace // Shorts - old but simliar here // Shoes

Can you get over the cuteness?!  Also, getting 3 toddlers to smile for a photo = impossible. This was our best effort.  

Elly was only willing to smile as a solo subject :)  

Shoes are here, but I found a dupe here for less than $75!  

Dress is from Stitch Fix - which you can sign up for here!  I found a really similar one here though.  

Last but not least, Claire & I went to church Sunday morning where she had a blast (as always) and I got some good motivation for my week!  We definitely bribed her with a gummy vitamin to take these pictures, and it definitely worked.  

Hope you're all having a great week so far!! 

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