boho fall

This look is unfortunately quite old, because in case you haven't noticed I've been majorly slacking on the blogging front!  Fortunately, I am keeping up with Instagram (you can follow me here!) because it just seems a little easier sometimes.  To be honest, we've been crazy busy lately - literally, my struggle right now is finding 3 days at home during which to potty train my child.  Her teacher nagged me about it AGAIN today, oops.  It might come down to using PTO to just DO IT.  I'm hoping not, but honestly who knows.   

The bad news is, I can't find this dress online anymore, but it is Who What Wear for Target in case you want to scope out the in store situation, and it is definitely one of my fall favorites.  That whole line in general has continued to impress me: current favorites include this striped sleeveless turtleneck, this GORGEOUS faux leather trimmed dress, and this faux suede olive moto jacket.  

Happy Monday, I hope you have a fab week!  

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