deal hunting with goodwill for back to school and more!

A few months ago, Goodwill Industries contacted me about doing a little back to school shopping for Claire in their stores.  It seemed like a natural fit, since I'd been going there for years whenever I felt like doing a little shopping but didn't quite have the budget to fit a random day browsing Anthropologie.  I also had quite a list for Claire, so we decided to take her with - she's very particular about her clothes!  For example, she totally vetoed the pink tutu I'm holding up above.  

What we ended up with - this cute turtleneck and skirt combo - I'll pair it with knee high socks!  We also grabbed two sleepers in her size, because is it just me or are children CONSTANTLY growing out of pajamas?!  

We don't have a Halloween costume nailed down for sure yet, but I mostly picked these up for her to play dress up in!  The quality is pretty nice for the price and she's in a major "princess" phase so extra tutus never hurt!  

She also asked for THIS THING which i vetoed, but I did say yes to a $1 teapot.  

Last but not least - NEVER ever go to Goodwill without perusing the glassware.  Here is the thing, there are about a million people each day inheriting their grandmother's china and crystal and sadly, they often don't have somewhere good to put it.  Or they don't entertain.  Or they own 6 large dogs.  WHATEVER.  Those people are taking those treasures to the Goodwill - and then Anthropologie knocks those vintage treasures off and sells them for approximately $20 a glass.  I don't always score, but it's my most winning category for sure.  This weekend, I hit the jackpot!  Those rose colored coupes (for $1 each,) perfect for champs or even better - sorbet topped with champs - may be my all time favorite find.  

Long story short, when your kids inevitably needs pajamas, school clothes, a Halloween costume, or YOU have a party and are short a few champagne classes, hit up your local Goodwill.  It's like treasure hunting, and I think you'll strike gold :)  

ps - I was provided with shopping vouchers for creating content for this post, but all opinions and thoughts are completely my own!

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  1. This is great! I love second hand shopping for fun treasures. Now you have me wanting to head to goodwill ��.


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